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PhD studentship

We are currently offering a PhD studentship (full fees and annual stipend) as part of The Fall at UCD School of Archaeology. The successful candidate will pursue a PhD based on their original ideas, with a focus on analysing settlement and / or material culture of the later Bronze Age in the Balkans and / or Aegean. Full details are here

Osteoarchaeologist 1

We are currently seeking to hire a postdoc in osteoarchaeology and mortuary archaeology to work with us for three years, beginning by September 2018. The applicant will ideally have experience working with prehistoric archaeology and the Aegean region. Further details can be found on

External candidates

We are interested in hearing from Postdoctoral scholars and PhD candidates whose research interests overlap wth ours and are interested in working with us at UCD School of Archaeology. Please do contact us to discuss possible sources of funding and our support framework.


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