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We are currently seeking an archaeometallurgist with experience working in the Balkans and / or Greece to join the team in September 2019 for 24 months. Please check out our jobs page for further details.

We are also looking to support PhD and Postdoctoral candidates for national and international funding calls. If you share our research interests and would like to pursue an independent PhD or Postdoc project, please do get in touch with Barry to discuss your possibilities.

We have recently published preliminary results of our geophysical and excavation research at the site of Gradiste Idjos in northern Serbia, which Barry has been working on alongside Project Director Neda Mirkovic, Field Director Miroslav Maric and our close advisor on The Fall, Dragan Jovanovic. This presented some early research about the site, though we expect to expand significantly on this in a publication we are now preparing. Find out more on Barry's page for this and other recent publications

The Fall is generously financed through a European Research Council Consolidator Grant (Grant #772753) held at the UCD School of Archaeology. Running from 2018 until 2023 and with a budget of nearly 2 million euros, we will be conducting exciting new research into population, settlement and material cultural histories of the Balkan Peninsula from ca. 1400-800 BC.

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We are developing a new and exciting Laboratory for Artefact Biographies at the UCD Centre for Experimental Archaeology and Material Culture which provides cutting edge resources for conducting use-wear and materials analysis.

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