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Every year the European Research Council runs a competitive call to fund new research across Europe for scholars at various different career stages. In the 2017 Consolidator Grant Call, our Principal Investigator (Barry Molloy, GA# 772753) was competitively assessed and won an award of just short of 2 million Euro to support this work.

This grant will fund the work of the PI, a cohort of experienced academics in postdoctoral positions, seconded colleagues, PhD researchers, and specialist collaborators. The work is fully dependent on the generous help and support of our network of collaborators across Europe.

We are proud that through our work we will build new and durable research networks across borders, linking up different generations of reserachers throughout Europe. Fulfilling further ambitions of the ERC for building new research horizons, we hope that our multidisciplinary methdology will provide fully new insights into the fall of the Bronze Age - a truly pivotal tranformation in the prehistory of Europe and surrounding regions

The European Research Council


Following the award of the ERC Consolidator Grant, Barry Molloy took up a position as Associate Professor at the UCD School of Archaeology. The School is the largest and most diverse provider of archaeological undergraduate and graduate learning in Ireland and benefits from its strategic location in the College of Social Sciences and law at UCD.

Barry has long been involved with the School of Archaeology, most recently returning from a period in the United Kingdom to undertake a Marie Sklodowska Curie fellowship at the world leading UCD Centre for Experimental Archaeology and Material Culture.

Together with colleagues in the School and the team on the Fall, Barry is establishing an innovative Laboratory for Artefact Biographies (LAB) to explore use-wear and materials analysis. This LAB will benefit from strategic collaborations (see project partners) and cutting edge resources at UCD, including SEM-EDX, MC-ICP-MS, Q-ICP-MS, HHpXRF, laser confocal microscopy. and a suite of optical microscopes and photographic imaging resources. We will also provide specialist support for 3D modelling of archaeological objects, including digital and print models.


The Irish Research Council

The Irish Research Council is the primary body supporting research in the Social Sciences and Humanities (amongst other fields) in Ireland. The IRC has previously provided support to some components of research which helped develop some of the ideas that are to be included in The Fall.

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The Irish Institute of Hellenic Studies at Athens

The IIHSA is the primary body promoting Hellenic (Greek) research in Ireland and supporting Irish researchers in Greece. It provides key strategic, administrative and logistical supprt to the team of The Fall

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