Meet our team

  • Barry
  • Michaela
  • Dimitra
  • Linda
  • Caroline

Principal Investigator

Associate Professor Barry Molloy is Principal Investigator of The Fall. He has published widely on the prehistoric archaeology of Europe and the Mediterranean. With particular interests in material culture studies and fieldwork, The Fall represents a culmination of past work and growing interests in the relations between conflict, mobility and social change in prehistory.


Michaela MacDonnell is the Project Administrator for The Fall. Please get in touch with Michaela to direct you to the appropriate team members and collaborators.

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Research Scientist

Dr. Dimitra Michail is a Research Scientist on The Fall. Dimitra has significantly published on the subjects of palaeopathology and palaeodiet. Her work has been mainly focused on exploring social differentiation in relation to sex and age on human remains of Greece. With a particular interest in exploring the lifestyle of ancient societies, assessing mobility and conflict in relation to health, will be the core of her research in the Fall.

Research Scientist

Dr. Linda Fibiger is a seconded Research Scientis on The Fall and based at the University of Edinburgh. She specialises in human osteology with a focus on the Balkans during her work on The Fall.

PhD Candidate

Caroline Bruyere is a PhD candidate working on The Fall. Caroline is a specialist in archaeometallurgy and combines this in her work on The Fall with research on fortification and mobility in the Bronze Age Balkans.

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