Our research strands

  • Work Package 1
  • Work Package 2
  • Work Package 3
  • Work Package 4

Work Package 1

We are exploring mortuary archaeology and palaeopathology in the Balkans and Greece with a focus on inhumations, and cremations to a lesser extent, dating between 1400 and 800 BC.

Work Package 2

Work Package 2 will explore ancient genetics through aDNA research and we will explore aspects of diversity in the biographies and origins in case study areas using stable isotope analysis

Work Package 3

Work Package 3 will explore how material culture can reveal connections and the mobility of people, objects and ideas throughout the study areas. We will initially focus on metalwork and, to a lesser extent, ceramics. We will be employing cutting edge methdologies including metalwork wear analysis, metallography, isotope studies and experimental archaeology.

Work Package 4

In this work package, we will be exploring landscape context of mobility using Geographic Information Systems and network analysis. We will also develop new insights into the chronological framework of the later Bronze Age / Early Iron Age of the Balkans and relate this to the surrounding regions, including extensive new C14 dating.

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